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rimozione amianto

IN.DI.COS is a business which specialises in asbestos clearance: operating throughout the country, the company carries out all services in full compliance with current regulations, employing trained staff to operate in situations where safety is critical.

If the roof of your residence, shed or warehouse is coated with asbestos or Eternit which is friable and disintegrating, it is absolutely essential to start the clearance as soon as possible: it is equally important to consult professionals and avoid doing it yourself, in order to prevent the serious health risks involved.

IN.DI.COS professionals will dispose of the asbestos-coated area in compliance with all safety measures required by law, in collaboration with the local health authority to whom an action plan will have to be submitted.

The company is located in both Via Landolfi in San Martino Sannita (Benevento), and in Via Trento 15 in Foggia.

Procedures for Eternit clearance

For the remediation of buildings containing asbestos (such as fibrous cement sheets) either encapsulation or outright removal procedures may be carried out: the first option is a kind of temporary conservation treatment which is suitable for containing the danger which Eternit poses by the spraying of resins which absorb friable asbestos and prevent the dispersal of fibres.

Removal, and subsequent disposal of asbestos however, involves more complex procedures to be performed which include dismantling the structure in a secure environment and then transporting it.

Inspection and analyses of fibrous cement

Before an asbestos disposal operation, the Foggia company,which is also based in the province of Benevento, is available to carry out inspections and laboratory analyses. In this way we can evaluate which procedures are best suited to individual cases and then offer customers precise and transparent estimates and time frames.

For more information on the activities carried out and the services provided by the company, please do not hesitate to contact the qualified and professional IN.DI.COS staff, based in Foggia.

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