Law no. 257 of 1992 prohibits the use of asbestos in Italy, as it recognises the danger of fibres released as a result of damage or wear of the material itself. Released when asbestos roofing has a great friability, these fibres are carcinogenic in nature and therefore highly dangerous for those who live or work in close contact with the material. The firm IN.DI.COS carries out reclamation of all areas contaminated by asbestos, achieving effective and professional intervention by covering and encapsulation, suitable to fully secure the material.


copertura amianto

Covering and encapsulation of asbestos are carried out through the laying of synthetic resins in such a way so as to compact the asbestos and prevent its disintegration: the encapsulating substances, by covering or impregnating, in fact create a thick secure membrane on the surface area, which must be monitored and controlled over time to ensure adequate integrity.

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