Dismantling structures made of harmful materials

asbestos reclamation services

According to the provisions made by a 1992 law, asbestos-containing buildings must be dismantled according to standardized and well- defined safety parameters: this material is recognized as being highly dangerous to human health due to the harmful fibres that it disperses out into the environment, and therefore must be eliminated through procedures which adhere to particularly high safety standards.


Dismantelling of buildings which contain asbestos and Eternit

It is therefore essential to only hire companies which possess the best prerequisites: It is precisely these needs to which IN.DI.COS of Foggia (also based in the Benevento area​​) responds, by ensuring an innovative service which follows current regulations.

The Apulian company actually operates throughout the whole region to ensure proper clearance and dismantling of asbestos-containg structures: The staff performs careful inspections to assess the type of service to be carried out, always working with cutting-edge equipment and the latest generation of protective systems.

What services does IN.DI.COS guarantee

The company of Foggia offers a complete package of services to its customers, including:

  • Preliminary inquiries and environmental analyses
  • Preparation of work plans to be submitted to the responsible office of the ASL (Local Health Board).
  • Removal and packaging of waste
  • Transportation and disposal of waste in authorised landfills
  • Monitoring of the restitution of the reclaimed environment
  • Refinishing works (new lining, ceiling, new flooring and much more)

What are the most common asbestos reclamation operations

dismantling asbestos cement
  • Asbestos sprayed coatings on steel structures or walls
  • Linoleum floor coverings
  • Insulation of steam piping systems and heating
  • Brownfield sites
  • Asbestos cement roofing
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