Remediation of contaminated soil in Puglia and Campania

removing asbestos fibres

Asbestos is a material which can cause a very high level of contamination and pollution, so it requires special laws to prohibit its use in the building industry: its fibres, if they are dispersed into the environment through fractures or cracks, can then pollute soil and groundwater, becoming a real danger to the health of those who visit, work or live in these areas.

In these cases it is necessary to take steps to clear the area of asbestos, by planning the process of environmental regeneration and rehabilitation.

Law 257/92

environmental decontamination

Under the provisions of Law 257/92, which prohibits the production and marketing of asbestos, the Foggia company offers its customers a range of services both in terms of the critical issues related to deposits of asbestos in a solid groundmass as well as with regards to contamination due to the presence of friable asbestos.

In the first place the Apulian company intervenes with removal or encapsulation of the material, in the second place through the confinement of the area to be reclaimed, but always providing all the experience and expertise gained over the years to provide an innovative and cutting edge service, complying with all existing regulations in force.

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