Environmental services

dismantling sheds

In.Di.Cos is a company specialised in the reclamation of asbestos and environmental services offering customers professional consultancy in the field of ecology and environmental control. In detail, the company deals with:

  • safety-related activities
  • Asbestos reclamation
  • reclamation and dismantling of asbestos structures
  • Environmental reclamation
  • the covering and encapsulation of asbestos structures
  • decontamination of land and surroundings
  • decontamination of land and surroundings from asbestos
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • inert rendering of asbestos
  • asbestos removal
  • rehabilitation services and environmental control
  • asbestos disposal
  • disposal of asbestos cement
  • disposal of asbestos structures
  • dismantling of asbestos roofing
  • dismantling asbestos walls and ceilings.

Environmental remediation

reclamation of contaminated sites
  • Reclamation of contaminated sites
  • Reclamation of tanks
  • Collecting and processing special municipal non-hazardous and hazardous waste
  • Environmental monitoring for air, water and soil quality.
  • Consulting on work safety
  • Health service for work carred out directly in the company
  • Remote sensing and management of the Area.

The company, based in Foggia, is also active in Benevento.

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